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A mindful, human-centered process that thrives on communication and partners with our community on the journey to achieve our purpose. đź’Ž


A strong product is a rare gem!

Grounded by design thinking leaders such as David & Tom Kelly the Design Thinking pioneers and inspired by product leaders such as Teresa Torres & Marty Cagan, product leadership experts; JEM is a methodology nurtured through collaboration with peers who have shaped the way we approach our purpose.

Our diverse talents merged with our background in communication, design, social psychology, and community service allow us to strategically solve problems and uncover opportunities through our own lens.

JEM Thinking

Journey routed

We collaboratively embark on a unified mission to unearth gems ahead. “You find facts, you find meaning, and you find opportunities”; this is done with an emphasis on intuition, empathy and entrepreneurial drive. These insightful learnings articulate and guide us towards our mission-driven goal.

Phase 1 - Journey

Experience created

Our findings reveal “opportunities for design” ahead. Experimentation begins with “failing early and often”, and simplifying our complex ideas into experiences. We design, we develop and we share ideas, while continuing to refine and polish. As a team we craft ways to bring our gem to market and amplify its impact.

Phase 2 - Experience

Measure the results

We listen, collect feedback, measure assumptions and communicate proximity towards our mission. “You’ll know that your solution will be a success because you’ve kept the very people you’re looking to serve at the heart of the process.” Our gems are now out in the world and our responsibility is to make their impact shine.

Revisiting each facet defines the quality of the gem. Our learnings encourage further exploration, examination and polish within the JEM phases.

Phase 3 - Measure
Shem Rajoon Proflie

Who is the guy with the curls?

Whether physical or digital, Shem finds joy in transforming complex opportunities into brilliant, experiential solutions. Within the fabric of innovative social experiences, you will find Shem interwoven between Human-centered design and strategy.

Shem was introduced to technology through a youth media organization called HarlemLive in 1997. Through exposure to journalism, media & technology at HarlemLive, Shem quickly immersed himself in writing, photography & visual design. He graduated from Parsons the New School for Design with a BFA in Communication Design & Technology, where he also partnered with the university to work on social initiatives throughout Asia.

Originally from Trinidad & Tobago and then to New York City in the 90’s, Shem is a brother to fourteen siblings, a community leader and an adventurer at heart. If he’s not hanging out with his family, navigating urban landscapes with parkour, or kicking it with Jean, you’ll most likely find him in the roda (circle) playing capoeira.

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