Community builder

I build community by crafting safe and playful spaces to nurture relationships, champion failures and celebrate growth 💜

Transformational leadership

I am a rooted, empathetic leader with over 15+ years of experience in leading caused-based teams across the globe. I inspire my teams to explore their purpose, and hone in on what intrinsically motivates them.

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Experience where it matters

I have led, advised, and collaborated with impact driven teams and organizations in education, technology, art, and culture. I find deep joy when we invest in the growth of each team individual, listen to the community we serve, and guide each other in achieving meaningful goals.

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Learning & growth

I have a deep desire to learn! In fact, "learner" is one of my top strengths on Gallup! Improving my life and my craft energizes me. As a community leader, a design leader, and a husband (to a woman who models strong leadership), my appetite for growth reflects in all facets of my life.

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