New York City’s first training facility where Parkour, Capoeira and Dance are combined to create an unparalleled experience that inspires, engages and educates people about movement, fitness and well-being. Setting the stage for the highest level of performance and rejuvenation for our members. 💪🏾

  • PreK-12 Students
  • Athletic Millennials
  • Parents
  • Film & Entertainment
  • Local & National NGOs
  • Movement Coaches
Wito frontflips between shipping crates

Our team set out to translate the BEAST mission of inspiring, engaging & educating our community through movement, fitness & well-being, into an empathetic New York City cultural movement. We knew that it would be powerful if we put play at the heart of learning; making it easy for people of all ages to learn through creative freedom supported by trial & error. This expose shaded tomorrow’s leaders in the arts, commercial film, television & business ownership.

They are skateboarders without skateboards, urban acrobats who scale walls, hurdle mailboxes and leap between building in stunts that might give spider-man a pause.”


Samantha Story - New York Times


As co-founder and core member on the BEAST team, I was a key collaborator from conception to production and beyond. We were challenged with strategizing our business and financial models, gaining insights & learning from community, ideating with them, building, marketing and tracking the success of a 4000 sq ft facility in East Williamsburg Brooklyn.

Through research, we empathized with our community of movers & their diverse challenges. Our learnings helped inform our approach to create a genuine culture that captured the desires & behaviors of our community of movers.

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Intuitional learning through play

We were able to establish lasting relationships between movers of all ages and abilities by emphasizing transparency within our community. Through classes, open play, conversations, weekly events, facebook groups etc., we developed a genuine understanding of our movers needs and behaviors. We were able to nurture a powerful movement-culture experience not only within the space, but in the outer community as well.

Parkour heads inside - The New York Times

Props to the most skilled team of movers in New York City. Luciano Acuna Jr. and Kevin Ni, it is a humbling experience learning and growing with you. Each member of the BEAST team offered a special gift to those they encountered.


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